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Questions that are very general.

Q: How do I use the site?
A: Here is a guide!

Q: Where can I see the traitlist/learn about the lore?
A: You can see the most up to date traitlist here, and see the lore here!

Q: Can we advertise our own species/servers in the Discord server?
A: No, we don't allow more than minimal chat about other closed species that aren't affiliates. This is to avoid negativity and comparisons between different species.


Questions in relation to buying and selling and all that.

Q: What is the species currency?
A: For Foxtopi, we use Cuttlewish aka CW, which can be used to buy trait/mutation items and even MYO slots/characters!

Q: How do I earn CW?
A: CW can be earned through art redemption with our prompts. milestone rewards and giveaways/events.

Q: Is there a USD to CW conversion rate?
A: No, and we don't plan on having one. We value good participation and earning and buying items with group currency rather than straight away buying items to either up the value of your Foxtopus to get ahead of everyone.

Q: Are MYOs only available in USD?
A: No, we have sales for both USD as well as CW.

Q: Can I sell my character/myo slot/trait items for USD?
A: If your myo slot/character was bought with USD, you may sell it for USD. If it was bought with CW or received for free, it cannot be sold for USD, only traded or gifted.

Q: Can I sell my character/myo slot/trait items for CW?
A: Yes, you can sell anything for CW! In the case of slots and items though, please keep your price either the same as the official CW price or lower. (Basically, no selling Poptopi and items for more CW than they're worth, even if you bought them with USD!)

Q: What increases the USD value of my Foxtopus?
A: Commissioned art, and using items bought with USD.

Q: How do I request to add value to my Foxtopus?
A: You can request a redesign, noting in the comments what items were used and how much they costed. You can also message Max (artbymaxm on TH, artbymaxm on Discord)


These are questions regarding rules in designing, such as MYOs and redesigning as well as questions about traits!

Q: Do I need to follow the lore exactly?
A: The lore itself is very loose, so there's no need to worry. As long as they follow the general logistics of how things work, you can write your character however you want!

Q: Are [insert colors/markings] okay?
A: Generally, yes! The only "colors" we trait are heterochromia, colored pupils (lighter than iris), and rings in the iris. Otherwise, feel free to do whatever you want.

Q: Do I need to file for a redesign for changing outfits/changing hairstyles?
A: No, your Foxtopus can wear as many different outfits as they like, as long as they're regular clothes and not anything that counts as a mutation! (This means living clothes, clothes that aren't made out of common clothins materials, etc.) For hairstyles, as long as the palette stays the same, you are allowed to change the style of the hair.

Q: Is preplanning designs allowed?
A: Yes, but any art made with an unapproved design cannot be redeemed for group currency or used in event prompts and cannot be regarded as an official Foxtopus. This also means they can't be posted publicly to other sites (like Toyhouse) until they're approved.

Q: Do Foxtopi designs need to be exclusively Foxtopus?
A: No, you can have as many versions/other CS versions of your character as you want as long as the other species allows it too!

Q: Can we make/redesign designs based off of canon characters?
A: We'd prefer if you could take inspiration more than copy-pasting a design. We're not super strict about how close to the original character it is, but we cannot protect you from Toyhouse restrictions and other legal stuff. 

Q: Can my Foxtopus have fur or hair made of a different material/substance?
A: Yes, but you need a Takowasa from KISS CAFÉ for the NONHAIR MUTATION!
(Unless you have a King Poptopus or Foxto Spirit in a Bottle MYO, which lets you have as many mutations as you'd like.)

Q: Does my Foxtopus need both a standing and feral form?
A: No, you can have just one!

Q: Can my foxtopus have 3 forms? (feral, anthro standing form, humanoid standing form)
A: No, your Foxtopus can only have up to 2 forms, the feral form and the standing form. You cannot have more than 1 standing form.

Q: If I submit one form first, can I submit the other later?
A: Yes, just remember to send a redesign request with an image that includes both forms.

Q: Can my Foxtopus have different appearances/forms?
A: What we suggest to best do this is to use the “swatches” perfume to make a palette change. As long as the changes you make to the design are minimal and do not affect the traits, the appearance can change slightly.

Q: Do I need to show all traits in the reference?
A: Yes! You can just have a small drawing off to the side showing certain traits that may not be visible in the full reference, such as teeth and tongue traits.

Q: Can I make a crossbreed with another closed/open species?
A: As of now, no. Crossbreeds are limited to special affiliate adopts, or special affiliate-only MYO slots.


Q: Can I combine traits/make traits different? (i.e. different ears, different tails)
A: Yes, as long as they fit within your MYO's rarity constraints and the traitlist.

Q: (insert trait) isn’t available?
A: If it isn't on the traitlist, it doesn’t exist. It may come up in a future event, or just whenever staff feel like implementing it, but if a trait is too difficult to incorporate into our lore, it may never come to fruition.

Q: How do I get event traits?
A: Event traits can be obtained with special event exclusive currency. Otherwise they can be obtained in official customs and the occasional giveaway

Q: Can my Foxtopus have no tails/only squid tails?
A: Without a special event trait, all Foxtopi must have at least one tail that resemble octopus arms (suction cups going all the way up one side of it). Squid tails are a mutation that does not feed into the lore of foxtopi growing a tail every 100 years they are alive, therefore they do not count towards tailcount and cannot be left by themselves. 

Q: Can I use items to remove all the tails when drawing/between forms?
A: No, Foxtopi must always have at least 1 tentatail visible.

Q: Can I commission someone/get someone else to design/redesign my foxtopus?
A: Yes, just remember to credit them as the designer. (This will add value to the Foxtopus if the transaction is with real life currency.)

Q: Does having 9-tails automatically make my Foxtopus a Kumiho type?
A: No, while the Kumiho subtype is exclusive to the 9-tails trait, it is ultimately more of a moral alignment and Kitsunes can have 9-tails as well. This can also be changed with the Fork in the Road drink. If you add tails to a Kitsune through redesigning, you'll still need to use a Fork in the Road to make them a Kumiho.

Q: Are animal paws as feet restricted to Kumiho-types/do Kumiho-types need to have to have animal paws?
A: No, it’s simply suggested for lore purposes.


Q: When do MYOs expire?
A: Never, no matter what kind of MYO it is, the myo will NOT expire!

Q: How do I get an MYO?
A: You can either buy it during MYO sale events using group currency or USD. You may also win one in a giveaway or get one for free during an open MYO event.

Q: What traits can I use with the MYOs?
A: Any traits in your MYO's rarity, and also lower rarities if you have a higher rarity slot! Mutations, magic, and apparitions can only be used if you have the proper item/s, or a King Poptopus/Foxto Spirit in a Bottle. Event traits are only allowed for the Poptopus Prime, a MYO exclusive to Foxtopi staff and owners of affiliated species.

Q: Can we use pre-existing designs?
A: Yes, just make sure the original designer is okay with their design being converted into a CS! The character also must be SFW, or have NSFW content hidden from minors in a different tab.

Q: Can I add more tails/a higher rarity tail count to my Foxtopus?
A: If you want to add a higher rarity tail count to a Foxtopus MYO/one that hasn't been approved yet, you'll need the relevant rarity item (Takoyaki for rare traits, Tako nigiri for legendary traits).
If you want to add more tails to a premade Foxtopus, you need a Time Capsule item, which adds one tail.


Q: How much can we change the design when redesigning?
A: By default, the new design must be at least 75% similar to the original. This means maintaining the palette and defining markings as well as existing traits, but you may swap existing traits with another of the same rarity or lower. If you want to swap them with a higher rarity trait, then you must use trait items. Do note that you need a Time Capsule to add tails!

Q: What if there’s a lot I want to change about my Foxtopus?
A: If you want to make major changes to an existing design, you can get the Espresso Turnover. This item allows you to make the following changes: major palette changes, major marking changes, body type/other physical changes. You will still need a Time Capsule if you want to add more tails!

Q: How do I add tails to an existing Foxtopus?
A: The only way to do so is to use a Time Capsule drink. This allows you to add 1 tail. If you want to add multiple tails to a Foxtopus in one redesign, you'll need multiple Time Capsules!

Q: Can I remove tails permanently? (Instead of using merging magic.)
A: Yes, by using a Blood Mellie item from BAR MELLIE.


Q: Can I make Foxtopus adopts/customs?
A: Only monthly guest artists, site staff, the art team, and the owners can make adopts. Anyone can commission or be commissioned to make a custom design for an EXISTING myo slot as long as they stay within rarity constraints. Slotless customs can only be made by the staff mentioned earlier.

Q: What's a slotless custom?
A: Exactly what it sounds like. For the right price, you can pay staff (who have a limited amount of slotless customs every month) to make a character for you with absolutely no limits to rarity or traits, including mutations, magics, and event traits, and without needing an existing MYO. These will be paid with USD to the artist themselves. We are still currently working on a custom voucher system that is CW based.


Questions related to using the site and anything you may be having trouble with.

Q: I’m getting an error message, what should I do?
A: Please try hard refreshing/force refreshing the page. If that doesn't fix the problem, please file a report in the server's troubleshooting channel, or message a staff member.

Q: My file/image won’t upload!
A: Lorekeeper can only handle images up to 2000x2000px. Resizing your image to be smaller should do the trick!

Q: My email verification won’t send/won’t work/sent late!
A: Many email providers such as AOL and Yahoo have strict receiver requirements, and since our website/IP is so new, they deem our emails suspicious and will delay them while they review the email. This makes the email deliver late and render the verification link useless. To fix this we suggest using Gmail as your provider.  We only need the email so you can verify your account/log in on the site, so don't worry if the email account you'll use isn't your main email. If you don't have a spare email to use, please ask to contact an admin to verify your account by hand. Do note that this should be a last resort.

If your question isn't answered here, feel free to ask!

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